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I feel private tutoring is the quickest and most effective way to learn computer software.  I have taught over 3000 satisfied students with this test-proven, one-on-one, hands-on approach.  My "claim to fame" is that I can make you computer literate and turn you into what I classify as "An Independent Navigator"; that is a user who will be able to take themselves further and teach themselves because they will know where to go to get your on-line help and you will know how to make sense out of a manual.  Most computer users out there today are "parrot users".  They are shown how to do something (e.g. data entry) and they simply memorize the steps and play it back!  In my professional opinion, this is not "computer literate".


Trying to understand computers without having someone take you by the hand and give you a personal tour is similar to someone blindfolding you and taking you to an amusement park; sure you have a great time while you are there; but you don't know how to get back there when you want to because you have no earthly idea how you got there to begin with!   It's kind of like jumping on a train that is already moving.  My approach shows you from the ground up all the pieces of the puzzle so that you can understand "THE BIG PICTURE"!


Just because we have calculators, does that mean we don't have to know our "long math"!  What happens if you are out of batteries?  Don't we better appreciate calculators because we know how tedious long math is?  That is how DOS relates to Windows.  You better appreciate and understand Windows when you have some working knowledge of DOS.  I make this part of the training as brief and as harmless as possible focusing from a user-end point of view and bypassing the technical jargon that only a programmer or a technician needs to know.  Between the 6th-8th hour of the training,  I can almost guarantee that a light bulb will go off and you will feel like "Oh, I could have had a V8!" or "Now I get It!" because you will have most of the pieces of the puzzle so the picture will start to look complete and it all comes together.  It happens to all of my students and it so rewarding when I get the student to that point.


That is what makes Kompu-Kim's classes more effective for novices than group training at a college level.  In a group, they throw it all at you at once, if you get it, you get it--if you don't you don't.  You feel peer pressure (a need to compete with your neighbors).  You are intimidated and afraid to ask questions because you will be embarrassed.  At Kompu-Kim's the more questions you ask, the better off you are.   As long as you practice between classes and immediately apply what you learn (repetition is the key to any type of learning) then we can make you computer literate in no time, less than a month in most cases based on 2 two-hour sessions per week.  The other important factor is to be honest with your facial feedback.  If you don't understand something, look confused.  We are trained to read faces and we will back up and take another avenue to get the point across, that is how we can guarantee comprehension.  You are in the driver's seat, so therefore, you control the pace of the class.


One thing I offer, that most training institutes don't is you are more than welcome to bring your own audio cassettes and record each session for future reference (cassette recorder supplied by us).  What helps you, helps us!  Each class includes documented notes which reiterate what we covered in each session.  And if you still can't remember something covered in class, feel free to call and we'll be happy to walk you through it.


Whether you are an employment seeker or a new computer owner trying to become more familiar with your new software.  Kompu-Kim's can customize a structured package deal which will suit your individual needs.  Maybe you need a refresher course or are past the introductory level and are ready for some advanced features or you may just want to fill in a few voids.  Kompu-Kim's is very flexible and can accommodate your computer training needs when it comes to the industry standards.

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