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Microsoft Excel

Kim Meyer, Certified Instructor


INTRODUCTION TO EXCEL 2007/2003/2002/2000/97


Day 1

1. Creating a Worksheet

2. Editing your Worksheet

3. Formatting your Worksheet

4. Saving and Retrieving your Worksheet

5. Selecting A Range/Adjusting Column Widths

6. Using Print Preview

7. Printing your Worksheet

8. Erasing a Range or the Entire Worksheet

9.      Changing Appearance of Your Data

10. Selecting Alignment of Text within a Cell


Day 2

1. Editing Columns and Rows:

        (Inserting, Copying, Moving & Deleting)

2. Calculations with Use of Formulas

3. Formatting Cell Values (Example: $Currency)

4. Sub-Totals and Grand Totals

5. Absolute & Relative References

6. Using and Customizing the Smart Icons

7. A Word about Windows

8. Pull-Down Menu Method Vs. Smart Icon Method

9. Question and Answer Period

10. Review and Wrap-Up







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