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Desktop Wallpaper

Kim Meyer, Certified Instructor


Get the Beautiful Picture of the Destin harbor at High Tide Picture dates from February 2002) for you Desktop background

640 x 480 Resolution:    IMAGES/kompukim destin 640x480.bmp

800 x 600 Resolution:    IMAGES/kompukim destin 800x600.bmp

1024 x 768 Resolution: IMAGES/kompukim destin 1024x768.bmp

INSTRUCTIONS:  Click on the link above that corresponds to the resolution that you have your screen set.  Tell the file to save to disk and put it in your c:\windows directory.  When it is done minimize all screen and do a right click in the middle of your desktop. Click on properties, make sure the background tab is selected and highlight the kompukim destin file and click on Ok.  We hope you enjoy the background.

Get the Second Wallpaper Also!






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